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Our Occupational Therapists (OT) are specially trained to evaluate and treat your specific needs related to injuries of the hand. They assess and coordinate care for impairments related to your hand so you can return to work or recreational activities. Occupation-Based is an OT term that means the treatment approach is based on the client and what they want to be able to do in their daily life -- basically, 什么对客户来说是充实和有意义的. So, 当职业治疗师评估来访者的手或手臂受伤时, such as a broken finger, OT不仅看病人手上有多少力量和运动, 但是病人需要用他们的手做什么才能回到工作岗位, 或者回到学校继续他们的日常活动.

然后,指导医生会使用各种方法来帮助客户实现他们的目标. 这些可能包括手动拉伸, strengthening, 冷热应用或定制夹板等方式.

Occupational Therapists can also assist in showing clients how to compensate or how to use adaptive equipment in order to function in their previous roles or until their bodies are able to function again at their previous level.

职业治疗师在手部治疗中看到的诊断包括手/手臂骨折, 割伤和截肢, burns, 肌腱和神经的外科修复术, tendonitis, 类风湿关节炎和骨关节炎, and carpal tunnel syndrome