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Health Professions Club

健康职业俱乐部(HPC)是一个联盟组织, Hemingford and Hay Springs High School students sponsored by Box Butte总医院 and the Panhandle Area Health Education Center. The purpose of the Club is to expose students to a variety of health occupations and professions, 给自己机会去学习这些职业的工作, 并帮助他们了解在这些职业中取得成功所需的教育背景.

The Club hosts monthly meetings at the hospital with health professionals of various disciplines giving presentations about their particular field of expertise. 会议在学年(9月至5月)举行。.

The Club takes trips to Occupational Health Fairs and other healthcare facilities in nearby communities. HPC members also enjoy an annual field trip to a larger regional hospital or educational institution in order to further their education.

9年级到12年级的学生都有资格. 会员资格是免费的. 如欲查询会员资格,请联系Jordan Colwell, 308.761.3354.